multi pack aromatherapy shower steamers | allergy relief | alert and awake | relaxing | mystery pack | spa in the shower

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scent: allergy relief

Let your worries steam away in a mysterious fog of aromatherapy with this multi-pack of shower steamers! Our Alert and Awake formulation, with a hidden surprise, will have you feeling energized and refreshed, while the Relaxing blend will have you winding down in no time. Our Allergy Relief blend helps you breathe easier (literally!) and a delightful spa in the shower experience awaits!

what comes in each pack? 

allergy relief: 2 stop sneezing, 2 breathe, 2 relief

alert & awake: 2 wake the fuck up, 2 be happy, 2 not snoozing

relaxing: 2 peace, 2 calm down, 2 sleepy time 

mystery pack: a complete mystery! do not message us requesting scents. let’s keep the fun in the surprise! 

single use shower steamers

place shower steamer away from direct water. relax & enjoy your steamy shower!

for shower use only. NOT for bath.

available to purchase a single steamer or duo packs.